Quality is the lifeblood of a printer. You demand it and we deliver it. For over 20 years we’ve been one of the most trusted GPO printers in the industry. We proudly cherish the quality such a rating demands and know full well that one lapse could easily take it away. We don’t plan on losing it.

Ensuring quality has been a major priority at Gateway from the beginning of our 62-year history. Our founder instilled the importance of quality in his earliest business philosophy and it has been a long-standing tradition ever since. Our objective is producing a product that successfully serves your purpose. Each individual at Gateway, regardless of their position, understands and accepts that they are responsible for quality. As a customer, you can rest easy knowing that from the moment your job comes in the door until the moment it is delivered, it is under the eyes of staff who average nearly two decades of experience.

Our commitment to quality has also brought us many accolades, including the Commonwealth of Kentucky Quality Award, recognizing Gateway as one of Kentucky's premier quality companies. Gateway is the only printer in the state to receive this prestigious award and we are proud to be recognized for this achievement.

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Cexperiencehances are, you’re already familiar with our work and don’t even know it. Companies across the globe—from Fortune 500 giants to local businesses—rely on us to produce the results they demand. Read more...

G7 Master Printer

g7 idealliance logoIDEAlliance certifies our industry’s qualified experts to train printers, creatives and prepress providers in the G7 methodology. Printers who achieve G7 training from certified G7 Experts may become qualified as G7 Master Printers.