Advances in modern technology have dramatically elevated the levels of achievement in every field.

Technological advances in the printing industry have expanded the borders of creativity and have improved accurate and efficient completion of every job. Each department at Gateway benefits from the latest equipment and application software while automation enhances the speed and precision of our procedures.

Gateway is proud to offer industry-leading technology to help meet your needs. In fact, we have recently added a new piece to our lineup, the MAN ROLAND ROTOMAN eight-unit in-line web press. The “MAN” provides amazing quality, versatility, capacity and speed which means quicker turnaround and the latest features to meet your needs. In addition, MAN ROLAND’s Pecom operating system adds to our already extensive lineup of pre-press capabilities, both traditional and electronic, including two electronic platesetters. Our press room is a combination sheet-fed and web operation, featuring eight-unit heat set web and sheetfed presses. Our binder capabilities include: perfect binding, saddle stitching with inline ink jetting, cutting, folding, drilling, tabbing and more. Mailing equipment with computerized mail management programs are utilized along with extensive fulfillment operations.

We have also added a remote proofing system called Rampage Remote which is part of our Rampage Workflow. Click here for more info.

If you would like to know which machine matches up with your job, please contact our sales team. For a complete list of our equipment, click here.

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G7 Master Printer

g7 idealliance logoIDEAlliance certifies our industry’s qualified experts to train printers, creatives and prepress providers in the G7 methodology. Printers who achieve G7 training from certified G7 Experts may become qualified as G7 Master Printers.