Waste reduction, recycling, and concern for the environment are issues which all printers have faced for more than 33 years. Gateway has taken a position of leadership in addressing these issues. Our efforts began with recycling paper, plates, and film and expanded to adopting safer and more environmentally friendly material and processes as they became available.

Since eliminating Isopropyl Alcohol from our pressroom in 1988, we have switched to water-based chemistry for our proofing and platemaking and to vegetable oil-based sheetfed ink. Our file processors are equipped with Microprocessor-controlled, close-loop, silver recovery units which recapture the silver released during film processing.

Over the past 13 years we have spent more than $900,000 for pollution abatement equipment, automatic blanket washers and other equipment to lessen our environmental impact. During this period our V.O.C. emissions have been reduced by 40% while providing a safer, cleaner workplace.


William Boone loads loose scrap paper into the hopper of a 
Summit Baling Machine that will compact the scrap and produce a 
bale that can be loaded onto a truck and delivered to a recycling center. 
Curtis Hinds adjusts band tension on the compacted bales. Gateway 
recycles nearly 8 million pounds of paper annually.


The TEC HXC 6000 catalytic oxidizer pictured above destroys more than 
95% of the V.O.C. emissions from our M-600 8 unit press. Last year, this 
equipment destroyed 39 tons of pollutants that otherwise would have 
been released into the air. This equipment is very costly but Gateway 
believes in doing its part to keep our air clean.

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