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We sweat the details. Our pre-press department pays attention to the little things so the big thing, your project, comes out right.We have a complete prepress facility that starts with pre-flighting each job as it arrives. We will notify you within a day or less if we have any questions about your files. If you have any technical questions before or after we start on your job, you are encouraged to talk to Becki Thomas. She does our in house EP training and free customer seminars that are available at your convenience.

We have a high resolution drum scanner and a flatbed scanner that is capable of scanning 3-D objects and copydot negatives from computer to plate. After preflight, the job goes into production with color scanning of the pictures and assembly on the computer. The pages are electronically imposed and output to digital color proofs or to film. Any supplied films can also be combined and assembled at this point. If the material is all on a disk and digital proofs are acceptable, we can eliminate the output  of film and conventional stripping and go direct to plate. We have two computer-to-plate machines. 

The person working on your job has an average tenure with Gateway of over 21 years. We believe in long term relationships. We have worked with some of our customers for over 35 years. Also we have a partnership with Fuji Film Corporation and can draw on their vast resources of knowledge.

We sweat the details - let us worry about your job so you won't have to.

Wayne Eddins
Prepress Superintendent
Judy Spain
Electronic Prepress Manager
Becki Thomas
EP Training Specialist

Take a look inside our Pre-Press area...

E.P. Manager Judy Spain helps work out the details in the main workstation area of the Electronic Publishing Department. Shown here are six of the 21 Macintosh workstations used throughout this department.

Pre-press Superintendent Wayne Eddins and Steve Huffman discuss job requirements prior to making a color separation using the Crosfield 636 Digital Color Drum Scanner.

Bruce Bolds is registering film on the Fuji C550 Flatbed Scanner prior to making a composite B&W scan.

Pre-press supervisor Susan Arnold checks the assembly of film onto a flat, which will be used to produce a plate in the traditional manner.

Bryant Congleton is preparing to process a plate through a Cymbolic Sciences Plate Jet 8 Platesetter. Gateway Press uses its three platesetters to reduce production time while improving accuracy in making plates. Over half of our plates are made “computer to plate.”

Becki Thomas is the Electronic Publishing Training Specialist at Gateway. Becki holds classes at regular intervals for employees to learn the latest software. She also holds free seminars designed to show potential and current customers how to reduce production costs and allow jobs to progress with fewer problems and delays.


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